How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and suffering with hemorrhoids one of your primary concerns is how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are a common problem that impact millions of people. 

However, they tend to be very common during pregnancy even among women who have never had them before.

Hemorrhoids are more common during pregnancy because of the added pressure the uterus is putting on the veins and muscles in the body, including those in the rectum.  

Also, during pregnancy progesterone levels rise, relaxing muscles and slowing down digestion which increases constipation and the need to strain when having a bowel movement, increasing the possibility of hemorrhoids arising.

If you are suffering with pregnancy hemorrhoids, there are many options available to help alleviate the pain and swelling. 

Some popular treatments for hemorrhoids during pregnancy are:


Soak In A Warm Bath


One treatment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy that works particularly well is soaking the area in warm water for fifteen to twenty minutes two or three times daily.

Soaking in a warm tub or sitz bath will soothe the hemorrhoid area, reduce the inflammation and keep the area clean.

After you finish soaking be sure to dry the area completely to prevent further itching and irritation and put on cotton underwear to allow the area to breath.


Witch Hazel


Cold witch hazel compresses can provide soothing relief to the hemorrhoid area and help reduce the swelling.  To make witch hazel compresses, soak gauze pads in witch hazel and store in the refrigerator.


Try Not To Sit For Extended Periods of Time


One way to reduce some of the pain and flare-ups is to avoid sitting for long periods of time.  When sitting for long stretches of time you are exerting a large amount of pressure on the veins in your rectum.

If it is necessary for you to sit for extended periods, try getting up at least once an hour for at least five minutes.  You may also want to invest in a donut pillow which you can use to sit on and take some of the direct pressure off of the area.


Over The Counter Hemorrhoid Products


Some over the counter pads and creams are safe to use during pregnancy.  However, if you decide to go this route check with your doctor to see which ones he or she recommends and which ones are safe.


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil possesses anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain, itching and inflammation of hemorrhoids.  Just apply to the hemorrhoid region several times daily.


High Fiber Diet


Eating a fiber rich diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins will help to alleviate constipation and keep you regular.  The high fiber content should help keep your bowels regular and reduce the need for straining.

If a high fiber diet is not helping with constipation, talk to your doctor about the possibility of being prescribed a stool softener.

In addition to eating a high fiber diet, you should also drink plenty of water and other fluids.  The water will help to move wastes through your system faster.


Ice Packs


Another fast and effective way to get some relief from pregnancy hemorrhoids is to apply an ice pack directly onto the hemorrhoids

The coldness from the ice packs provides fast cooling relief and it will also help to reduce the swelling.

If you don’t have an ice pack readily available some crushed ice in a Ziploc bag will do the trick.

If these options are not giving you any relief from your hemorrhoids, you should talk to your doctor about other safe hemorrhoid treatment options he or she may be able to provide.

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