5 Simple Home Remedies For External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid Foods External hemorrhoids are extremely uncomfortable and annoying but not life threatening. 

In most cases you can treat them using some of the remedies listed below without having to see a medical professional.

Warm Baths


Engaging in warm sitz baths two or three times each day for approximately fifteen minutes will help to ease the pain and promote healing in the area. 

It will also help to thoroughly clean the area. 

After engaging in a sitz bath it is important to completely dry the area and it is best to put on loose fitting cotton underwear.


Adding More Fiber To Your Diet


Increasing your fiber intake is another way to ease the pain of hemorrhoids. 

Since constipation is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids increasing fiber in your diet will lessen the need to strain when using the bathroom. 

The less you strain the better chance you have of avoiding a flare-up.


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Applying Ice


Another way to find relief from external hemorrhoids is applying ice directly to the area. 

The ice will numb the hemorrhoids and alleviate the pain, itching and irritation and also help to reduce the swelling.  Ice can be applied as often as necessary.


Over The Counter Creams And Ointments


Over the counter topical creams and ointments such as preparation h can bring about some well needed relief. 

These products contain ingredients designed to relieve pain, reduce itching, burning and swelling. 

Hemorrhoid creams can be purchased at any local pharmacy or supermarket.  With such a large variety to choose from, be sure to read the package to make sure the product is right for your particular symptoms. 

Hemorrhoid creams are not designed for long term use so be sure not to use for longer than the package states.

Non prescription pain medication such as Tylenol and Aleve can also be used for pain relief.  Tylenol contains acetaminophen which is designed to relieve pain. 

To manage pain and swelling opt for medications containing Ibuprofen such as Aleve.

If there is no relief from external hemorrhoids using these methods and the pain is continuing to intensify it could mean that a thrombosis has developed within the hemorrhoid. 

This is an extremely painful condition that in most cases will subside on its own within a week or two with at home remedies. 

However, if the pain is unbearable contact a doctor right away.  They will be able to perform an in office procedure to drain the hemorrhoid and provide some relief from the pain.

Once the hemorrhoids go down and the symptoms subside, it will be necessary to continue with healthy habits like adding fiber or stool softeners to your diet to avoid straining, regular exercise, keeping the area clean and drinking plenty of water to keep wastes moving through the body.

Doing these things will reduce the likelihood of having another flare-up.


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