3 WaysTo Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast

Are you suffering with painful and embarrassing hemorrhoids and find yourself constantly searching for information on how to get hemorrhoid doctorrid of hemorrhoids fast?  If so, you are not alone. 

The good news is most cases of hemorrhoids can be treated from home. 

However, before starting at home treatments, you should see a doctor to confirm that what you are dealing with is a simple case of hemorrhoids and not something more serious.

With that said, there are a number of things you can do to get rid of hemorrhoids fast at home, such as:


Hemorrhoid Creams


Hemorrhoid creams such as preparation h can work well to reduce hemorrhoid swelling and relieve irritation. 

Some creams such as preparation h contain vasoconstrictors to reduce swelling, while others contain a local anesthetic to numb the area and provide pain relief. 

There are also creams and ointments on the market that have a combination of both. 

The product you choose will depend on your particular needs and preferences.


venapro hemorrhoid formula


Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar works well as an internal and external hemorrhoid treatment.  It relieves irritation and reduces swelling. 

For external hemorrhoids, pour vinegar on a clean cotton ball and apply directly to the hemorrhoid. 

For internal hemorrhoids, drink 2 to 3 tablespoons daily. 

Many people have reported a significant reduction in swelling within a 24 hour period using this method.


Aloe Vera


Aloe vera has been used for centuries to treat many ailments to include hemorrhoids.  It is one of the best natural ways to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.

The properties within aloe provide soothing relief on contact and work to shrink and heal the hemorrhoid area.

The best way to get aloe vera is directly from the plant. 

Cut off a leaf and extract the gel from inside and apply the gel directly to the hemorrhoid. 

Aloe has also been shown to help internal hemorrhoids by reducing pain and bleeding.  

For internal hemorrhoids, you can fill a syringe with aloe gel and place inside the anus. 

If you do not have a plant readily available, aloe vera gel can be found in most local drug stores.

Aloe is gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

These home remedies for hemorrhoids will help to treat and ease discomfort during a flare-up. 

To completely get rid of hemorrhoids and avoid future flare-ups, it will be necessary to make some lifestyle changes such as eating healthy fiber rich foods to avoid constipation, drinking eight or more glasses of water daily, exercising regularly and losing weight if necessary.


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